Payments & Warranty

Payment & Deposit Requirements

Forms of payment accepted are personal check, cash, VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, cashier’s check, or money order.  Personal checks require 2 weeks to process before merchandise is picked up or delivered.  A deposit of half (50%) of the purchase price is required at time of order placement. Full payment is required at the time that merchandise is scheduled for delivery or pick up. Layaways require 25% deposit with the remaining balance due by the end of the 90-day term.  Layaway deposits are non-refundable.  Clearance and floor samples require full payment at the time the order is entered.


Normal use is defined as sitting on the seat cushion (not on arms or back) and no tilting backwards where there is stress placed on rear legs.  All frames are built for residential use only and is not intended to be stood on, jumped on, or bounced on.  These repairs will not be covered under Houston Upholstery’s warranty.

Damage from customer use is not warranted. For example, fabric and leather may naturally fade or deteriorate with extended use or UV ultraviolet sun damage. Softening of a cushion core or loss of cushion crown is defined as normal use. These normal conditions are not manufacturers' defects and are not covered under this warranty. Houston Upholstery will promptly repair or replace, at our option, any items that are considered defective. Our warranty is non-transferable. Any damage upon delivery must be noted on the delivery receipt. Damage not noted on delivery receipt will be determined to be customer damage, and not warranted. Visible defects or variance to order details must be brought to attention within 7 days of delivery. Issues not presented within 7 days of delivery will be considered acceptable and will not be warranted. No warranty work or exchange processing will be completed on upholstery or leather items unless these items are clean.

Paints and stains may take differently to various cuts of wood, and color may vary. The wood will "breathe" and, with varying humidity levels, expand and contract. This process may lead to seasonal movement (slight separations in the wood that come and go). Natural products with these characteristics are not defective.  Some furniture pieces require the gluing of multiple pieces of wood and seams will be seen and should be considered apart of the frames character.  This will not be considered a defect.

All leather hides are unique.  Natural markings such as scars, brands and other imperfections are not flaws but part of the unique character of each piece. Color and grain texture will naturally vary between items and within an individual piece. Just like fabric, dye lots can vary and Houston Upholstery cannot guarantee each hide will match perfectly.  Also, exposure to light, UV, and temperature change can and will affect wear and color and will not be warranted.  Only leather conditioner or leather cleaners should be used on leather.  Any other chemicals will deteriorate the hide and change color.

Hair on hide leather is a natural product and will wear under heavy traffic conditions.  As with any natural product, there may be color variances and pattern variances with each hide.  With normal wear you can shake out hide to remove dust or vacuum with suction and no beater bar.  The hides natural oils resist staining, simply wipe up any spills immediately or it will seep and stain.  If a stain occurs, use mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush to rub lightly with the grain of the hair.  

Each fabric is woven by a mill anddye lots can vary.  It is highly recommended when placing fabric orders to make sure there is enough ordered to ensure it comes from one lot.  Ordering more fabric at a later date cannot guarantee it will come from its original dye lot hence, fabric color may vary slightly. Also, exposure to light, UV, humidity, and temperature change can and will affect wear and color and will not be warranted. 

Over time, most upholstery fabrics will show wear due to friction. Pilling may occur with normal use. Pilling is when little balls may accumulate after wear and appear on the fabrics surface.  Also, the formation of comfort wrinkles and compression is considered normal wear.  Fabrics have a natural “give” and pull and can stretch and create creases.  Any fabric coatings or chemicals placed on fabric/leather can hinder fabric color and strength and voids all warranty. 

Never use polishes, oils, ammonia, cleaning fluids, solvents or detergents to clean leather/fabric upholstery as any of these may cause smears, color streaking and/or damage to the surface.  A professional fabric coating/protection company is highly recommended to clean upholstery fabric.